Fish soup 
Coachman soup 
Small salad6,00
Small mixed salad 
Salad Codfish fillet17,00
Mixed salad with a cod fillet 
Salad chicken breast16,00
Mixed salad with chicken breast fillet 
Farmer's salad15,00
Mixed salad with Greek Feta & olives 
salad with nuts14,00
Mixed salad with sesame, sunflower seeds & hazelnuts 
All salads with mixed leaf salad, cucumber, tomato, paprika, corn & onions. 
Please choose between yoghurt dressing or sea buckthorn vinaigrette. 
Fish dishes
Matie's fillet 13,5o
Homemade, from herring fillet after Matjesart, served with housewife sauce & triplets from the pan
Fried Herring 13,5o
Homemade, from herring, sweet-sour, served with triplets from the pan
Cod "Hidden Sea style" 17,00
Flourished and roasted on tagliatelle & sea buckthorn cream
Pike-perch fillet 18,00
Flourished and fried on pan-fried vegetables of paprika, zucchini & cherry tomatoes with mashed potatoes
Curried pollack fillet 16,00
On penne with peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes in curry-coconut milk
Eisbeinsülze 13,5o
Homemade jelly of pork knuckle with housewife sauce & triplets from the pan
Medallions of pork 18,oo
From pork loin on fresh cream mushrooms served with potato rösti
Chicken breast fillet 16,oo
on pan-fried vegetables of paprika, zucchini, cherry tomatoes with mashed potatoes
Fillet strips of pork 16,oo
On tagliatelle with leaf spinach in garlic cream
Curried chicken 16,oo
On penne with peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, in curry-coconut milk
tagliatelle spinach12,5o
Tagliatelle with leaf spinach in garlic cream & roasted pine nuts 
penne curry13,5o
Penne with peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, in curry-coconut milk 
Potato rösti9,5o
Potato rösti with herb quark & mixed salad 
Baked herder cheese1o,oo
Baked shepherd cheese with tzatziki, mixed salad & baguette 
Noodles with tomato sauce 
3 potato pancakes with apple sauce 
Moby Dick8,oo
Codfish fillet with peas-carrot vegetables & mashed potatoes 
chicken run8,oo
Chicken breast with pea-carrot vegetables & mashed potatoes 
Big cup of coffee3,5o
Double espresso3,5o
Coffee with milk3,5o
latte macchiato3,5o
coffee with a shot
Irish coffee 
With 4 cl whisky & cream5,5o
French coffee5,5o
With 4 cl brandy & cream 
Dutch coffee 5,5o 
With 4 cl advocaat & cream5,5o
With 4 cl rum and cream 
Chocolate & Milk
Hot chocolate3,oo
Hot chocolate with cream3,5o
With 2 cl Amaretto, rum or vodka4,5o
With 2 cl Amaretto, rum or vodka5,oo
& Cream 
Hot milk2,oo
Hot milk with honey2,5o
Cold with coffee & chocolate ( seasonal ) 
Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream & cream4,5o
Iced caramel macchiato4,5o
Iced chocolate with ice cubes3,5o
Sea buckthorn & Lemon 
Sea buckthorn nectar warm4,5o
Sea buckthorn trough with 5 cl rum6,oo
Hot lemon2,5o
Hot lemon with honey3,oo
For cold days
Grog with 5 cl rum4,5o
Mulled wine3,oo
Mulled wine with shot4,5o
Tea from Eilles
Assam Special Broken 
Darjeling Royal 
English Select 
Herb GardenPeppermint leaves 
Camomile blossom 
Green Tea Asia 
Organic Rooibos Pure 
Organic Fruits Nature 
with honey0,5o
Chaipur Latte3,5o
Mixture of fine stimulating 
Spices with milk, please choose 
Black tea or green tea 
Homemade cakes according to offer
Apple crumble3,oo
Plum sprinkles3,oo
Sea buckthorn cake ( seasonal )3,oo
You can find out the current range of home-baked cakes from our service team 
Apple Strudel6,oo
Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream 
Homemade desserts 
crème brûlée5,5o
Sea buckthorn quark4,oo
All sundaes with fresh whipped cream 
Mixed ice5,5o
Vanilla, strawberry yoghurt & walnut ice cream 
Sea buckthorn cup7,oo
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with sea buckthorn syrup 
Nut sundae6,oo
3 balls of walnut ice cream with caramel sauce 
Chocolate sundae6,oo
3 scoops of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce 
Sweden cup7,oo
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with apple puree & advocaat 
Children's mugs3,5o
1 scoop each of chocolate & vanilla ice cream with Smarties - without whipped cream - 
draught beers
0,3 l0,5 l
Dingsleben Pilsner3rd. oo4,oo
Dingsleben wheat beer3rd. oo4,oo
Thingleben lava3rd. oo4,oo
( Black beer )  
Werner's green Pilsner3,5o4,5o
Köstritzer dark beer3,5o4,5o
Alster3rd. oo4,oo
( Pils + Sprite )  
Diesel3rd. oo4,oo
( Pils + coke )  
( Black beer + coke )  
 0,25 l0,5 l
Murphy's Irish Stout3,5o6,oo
bottled beers
 0,5 l
Störtebeker amber wheat light 4,5o
Störtebeker Amber Wheat 4,5o
bright non-alcoholic  
Störtebeker dark rye wheat 4,5o
Schöfferhofer crystal wheat 4,5o
  0,33 l
Störtebeker sea buckthorn wheat 3,5o
Clausthaler non-alcoholic 3rd. oo
Vitamin Malt 3rd. oo
Berliner Weisse 3,5o
alderman Pilsner 3rd. oo
Non-alcoholic beverages
0,2 l0,5 l
Coca Cola2,5o4,5o
Coca Cola Zero2,5o4,5o
 0,2 l0,5 l
Table water classic2.oo4,oo
Table water still2.oo4,oo
  0,33 l
Rharbarb spritzer sour 3,5o
  0,25 l
Loona Bitter Lemon 3rd. oo
Loona Tonic 3rd. oo
Loona Ginger Ale 3rd. oo
 0,25 l0,75l
Loona mineral spring still2,5o5,5o
Loona mineral spring fine bubbles2,5o5,5o
Juice spritzers
0,2 l0,5 l
apple spritzer2,5o4,5o
Grape juice spritzer ( red )2,5o4,5o
Cherry Spritzer2,5o4,5o
 0,2 l0,5 l
Sea buckthorn spritzer3rd. oo5,oo
Juices & Nectars
0,2 l0,5 l
apple juice3rd. oo5,oo
Orange juice3rd. oo5,oo
Grape juice ( red )3rd. oo5,oo
Pineapple juice3rd. oo5,oo
Cherry nectar3rd. oo5,oo
Banana nectar3rd. oo5,oo
 0,2 l0,5 l
Sea buckthorn nectar3,5o  6,oo
German wine   
From the Kiefer winery on the Kaiserstuhl Je0,2 l*0,5 l**1,0 l***
QbA dry, Herrenbruck, spicy, stimulating with fine acidity   
White Burgundy   
QbA dry, Herrenbruck, pleasant, fine fruity type   
Pinot Noir   
White Autumn Rosè   
QbA semi-dry, Eichstetter, fruity acidic Burgundy aromas, subtle sweetness   
Pinot noir red wine   
QbA dry, Eichstetter, cherry aroma, delicate spiciness, subtle residual sweetness   
From the Markgräfler Winery, Baden je0,2 l*0,5 l**0,75 l***
Miller Thurgau   
Mineral-elegant, light-footed & fine fragrance   
French wine   
From the vineyard Domaine de la Baume je0,2 l*0,5 l**0,75 l***
blanc sauvignon   
Pays DÓC, dry, fruity Saugvignon with fine citrus notes   
Vin de Pays DÓC   
This wine was voted the best Syrah in the world, it is strong, complex & of excellent balance   
Italian white wine   
From the winery Villa Alda je0,2 l*0,5 l**1,0 l***
Pinto Grigio   
Dry, tender and tangy   
Prosecco & sparkling wine0,2 l* 0,75 l***
 6,oo 18,oo
Little Red Riding Hood,   
Freiburg, Unstrut0,2 l* 0,75 l***
 6,oo 18,oo
Dry or semi-dry   
As bottle fermentation, Riesling, dry   
White wine spritzer0,2 l  
Spanish red wine   
From the winery Bodegas Ugalde je0,2 l*0,5 l**1,0 l***
Full-bodied & of clear structure,   
Pleasant aromas of red berries,   
Lightly spicy & uncomplicated   
Chilean red wine   
Winery De Gras je0,2 l.*0,5 l.**1,0 l.**
cabernet sauvignon   
Strong, fruity cassis aroma   
*Glass 0.2 l   
**carafe 0.5 l   
***bottle 0.75 l / 1.0 l   
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