Travel groups
We are happy to accept orders from travel companies at any time. On request we will send you our menu and menu card and work out special proposals.

The regional and national cuisine offers a lot of variety for a healthy diet on holiday. Our house is located about 5 min walk from the 15 km long sandy beach. From autumn to spring we also accept group and seminar bookings, and offer all technical and spatial requirements.

Conference Service

Conferences and seminars are possible from October to March. The size of the groups should be based on the bed capacity of the pension of 30 beds. For larger groups, we can organise additional overnight stays on the island of Hiddensee.

A seminar room with 50 seats is available for you, including the technical equipment necessary for seminars (overhead projector, slide projector, flip chart, video technology, Internet access, fax, etc.). On request, we are happy to assist you in organising your leisure time, starting with cultural events, guided tours, concert visits, carriage rides, hiking tours, fishing trips, lectures, sauna visits, etc.