Fresh salads
Small mixed salad5,10
Salad with codfish fillet16,80
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato,
Onion, paprika and corn
Salad with chicken breast15,80
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato,
Onion, paprika and corn
salad with nuts 
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers,
Corn, onion, hazelnuts,
Sesame and sunflower seeds
Farmer's salad 
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers,
corn, onion, black olives and
Greek feta
We serve fresh baguette with our salads.
Please choose to our salads from homemade
Yoghurt dressing or sea buckthorn vinaigrette.
Hiddensee fish soup 
Clear broth with root vegetables and
different food fishes
Matie starter7,20
of the homemade herring fillet with brown bread 
Fish dishes
Homemade fried herring12,90
sweet-sour, served with triplets from the pan 
Matie's fillet13,20
of the homemade herring fillet
with a homemade sauce,
served with triplets from the pan
Codfish fillet "Hiddenseer style"16,40
Flourished on tagliatelle with sea buckthorn cream 
Salmon fillet roasted on the skin17,80
on penne with curry coconut milk,
Peppers, zucchini and cherry tomatoes
Pike-perch fillet fried on the skin16,70
floury on pan-fried vegetables made from paprika,
zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mashed potatoes
Tagliatelle with spinach12,30
Tagliatelle with leaf spinach in garlic cream
and roasted pine nuts
Buffalo mozzarella9,80
on marinated cherry tomatoes with fresh
Basil and baguette
Potato rösti9,30
with herb quark and mixed salad 
Baked herder cheese9,80
with tzatziki, mixed salad and baguette 
Curry pan13,30
Penne in curry coconut milk with paprika,
Cherry tomatoes and zucchini
Meat dishes
Homemade Eisbeinsülze13,20
of triplets from the pan, served with housewife sauce 
Medallions of pork17,80
of pork loin on fresh creamed mushrooms,
served with potato rösti
Chicken breast fillet15,70
on pan-fried peppers, zucchini,
Cherry tomatoes, served with mashed potatoes
Fillet strips of pork15,50
on tagliatelle with leaf spinach in garlic cream 
Curry pan with chicken breast fillet strips16,50
on penne in curry coconut milk with paprika,
Courgettes and cherry tomatoes
Mixed ice5,40
Bourbon vanilla ice cream, strawberry yoghurt ice cream and
Walnut ice cream with fresh whipped cream
Sea buckthorn sundae6,90
three scoops of Bourbon vanilla ice cream with Hiddenseer sea buckthorn juice
and fresh whipped cream
Nut sundae6,10
three balls of walnut ice cream with caramel sauce
and fresh whipped cream
Chocolate sundae6,10
three scoops of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce
and fresh whipped cream
"Swedish sundae"6,70
three scoops of Bourbon vanilla ice cream with apple sauce, advocaat
and fresh whipped cream

Ice cream cups for children

a scoop of chocolate ice cream
and a scoop of bourbon vanilla ice cream with Smarties
Children's meals
Noodles with tomato sauce 
3 potato pancakes with apple sauce 
Moby Dick7,90
Codfish fillet with pea-carrot vegetables
and mashed potatoes
chicken run7,90
Chicken breast with pea and carrot vegetables
and mashed potatoes
Homemade sea buckthorn quark
or sea buckthorn yoghurt
Warm apple strudel with
Bourbon vanilla ice cream and cream
Homemade sea buckthorn cake3,10
Homemade Panna Cotta5,90
changing array 
Homemade Crème Brûlée5,90
Please also note our daily offer
of fresh, homemade cake!


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